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Seasonal Specials

Apring & Summer Specials

Cleaning, Installations, and Repairs:
Whether your home or business has sustained damage over the long winter months, or is simply in need of a good spring cleaning, now is the time! If your gutters are sagging, leaking, or just no longer up to your cosmetic standard new gutters may be just what you need. Rain barrell installations are quickly becoming a popular choice this season as people prepare for the hot, dry summer. Take a look at our Products and Services pages for a full listing of everything we can offer you this time of year.

Fall Specials
Winter Specials
Fall means leaves and other debris in your gutters. Don't risk an injury by cleaning them yourself, let our gutter professionals handle that for you.
Want to get ahead of the game before clogged gutters become a problem? Ask us about adding debris protection screens to existing gutters.
We all know what winter in upstate NY means;
Snow and Ice!
An ice-filled gutter can signal the beginning of an ice dam, forming potentially dangerous icicles.
An ice dam occurs when snow melts, then refreezes into ice that pushes its way under your roof shingles. This damages the roof and may cause leak inside your home, ruining ceilings and walls and other belongings.

Climbing ladders and roofs can be dangerous for anyone without experience and proper equipment.
DJ Catalino Exteriors' seasoned professionals can help you mitigate your liabilities and virtually eliminate your risk of injury or other damages by removing debris from your gutters for you.
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